Well, what to say.... 20, I'm a Drama student, my biggest passion in life is acting, performing. My most notable productions include: Dying for it (Serafima), Richard III (Lady Anne), Henry V (Queen Margaret), Dracula (Nurse Grice), The Tempest (Ariel), Henry VIII (Queen Katharine), Cathy Come Home (various),and most recent Ritual for Dolls (Arabella), hopefully many more to come.... I have a beautiful dog called Zorro Fin and 5 cats, who are absolutely adorable, couldn't live without them... Totally love Torri Higginson (most inspiring person to me on the planet), Stargate: SG1, SGA, Star Trek Voyager, Body of Proof, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Dr Who, Lord of the Rings, Disney. Elizabeth Weir Megan Hunt Kathryn Janeway Samantha Carter are my role models... Enough said!


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